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Founded in 1979, XDATA is focused upon research and development services and consulting emphasizing  the area of medical ultrasound imaging and image-guided systems, including the development of prototypes and software for proof-of-concepts, and collaboration on new ventures in software-driven systems.

Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS)

Currently, the major emphasis is on the development of an automated 3D ultrasound imaging system for application to breast cancer detection. The system combines existing ultrasound and x-ray technology with the aim of improving the workflow and diagnostic accuracy in breast examinations. The system can also be used standalone to perform ultrasound-only automated 3D examinations in the supine  or standing positions. (Technology Summary)

“Mammography Method and Apparatus”, Kris A. Dines, Elizabeth Kelly-Fry, Ada Patricia Romilly, XDATA Corporation Patent No. US 6,574,499 B1 (Apparatus) June 3 2003, US 6,876,879 (Methods) April 5, 2005. Work supported, in part, by the National Cancer Institute.

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